Flipping houses is profitable when it's done right. But it's not easy without the right help.
To do it right, you need a competent team around you that you can trust to do the job with excellence.

Your team needs a mortgage broker you can trust to work hard to get you competitive rates every time, and who will be there when you need them.

That's why we're here. Gavin Wang takes care of all the details for you.  He ensures the brokering side of your projects goes quickly and smoothly from start to finish.

He'll work with your realtor and lawyer on getting things done quickly so that you can get your new project done as soon as possible.

Gavin Wang understands how competitive the market is and how quickly you need to get financing.

His experience helps customers better their financial status with the correct guidance and trusted advice.

Whether it's assisting them with residential and commercial property acquisitions, refinancing their current home(s) at reduced rates, or debt consolidation to increase monthly cash flow, Gavin is your ideal guide to help you get deals done.

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